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Frequently Asked Questions
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Is Bidding open to the public?

How do we bid on items we are interested in?
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I was high bidder, what do I owe? (know your fees before bidding)
General Merchandise:  You will pay the price bid plus sales tax of 9.2% and a 10% buyers premium.
   Titled units: $200 buyer's premium,
sales tax of 9.5% on motorized vehicles, 9.2% on vessels and trailers. Filing fees for licensing, a minimum of $224.25 and up depending on scale weight of vehicle and your physical address.

Regarding Licensing:  Stokes Auction, as an automobile dealer will charge the buyer of each vehicle the appropriate filing fees required by the State of Washington.  These fees include the cost of plates and tabs.  New plates AND a full 12 months registration will be issued at cost to the buyer and Stokes Auction will issue a temporary 45-day paper plate for each vehicle sold. The average “filing fee” for a passenger vehicle is $224.25 and goes up from there depending on scale weight and if you live in an RTA or TBD zone. Buyer's may opt to not purchase license plates and tabs and pay for "title purposes only" or "TPO." The cost of "TPO" is $42.00, however, the vehicle will not come with license or tabs and no 45 day permit, as such, the buyer will need to provide or purchase a 3-day move permit at the cost of $33 or trailer the vehicle from our property.

The DOL requires license plates be removed from each vehicle transferred to a new buyer. 
   New plates AND a full 12 months registration will be issued at cost to the buyer.
   Stokes Auction will issue a temporary 45 day paper plate for paid 12 months registration. The registration and plates will be mailed from us to the buyer after we recieve them from DOL. The title will be printed and mailed directly from the State of Washington..

   Firearms:  10% buyers premium, Sales tax of 9.2%, plus and additional $25 fee to be paid when picked up from Boerners Firearms in Gorst after processing.

When do I pay and with what?
Payment is due the day after the end of the auction.  Follow the instructions on your invoice.
Forms of payment we accept are: 
debit cards,* Visa, MasterCard and cash

How old do you have to be to bid?
18 years old
for most items and vehicles. The purchaser of a pistol or a semi-automatic rifle must be 21.

When can I pick up my merchandise or vehicle?
When you call to make payment, we will schedule you appointment to pick up your merchandise.
Vehicles, you will call to make an appointment to complete documents and a $50 deposit is due.

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