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Complete Auction and Sale Management Services

Consigning Merchandise and Vehicles for the Auction 

Consigning to our auctions~
All our auction are conducted Online. Mostly we are working with estates and others with, complete contents of homes, shops, businesses. All other consignments are accepted on a case by case basis. We will accept only items that are selling on today's market and when we have space available. Please see the list at the bottom of the page for a general listing of items we will not take.

Office & Yard Hours: 
See our Auction Calender for the upcoming auctions were we may be accpeting items.
Items are only accepted by appointment. Call for information.
Vehicles accepted Mon-Fri 8:30am - 3:50pm by appointment only (must be in running condition)
Boats & Trailers accepted Mon-Fri 8:30am - 3:50pm with by appointment only (must be in running condition with no issues with hull, transome and interior in usable condition)
Firearms accepted Wed-Fri 8:30am - 3:30pm with deadline of
Wed. prior to the auction, must be in working condition.
We will be closed - New Years Eve & Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day, Labor Day; Thanksgiving & Friday after.
We also have dates set aside for company vacation time in December.

How much do you charge to sell?
For auctions conducted at our Stokes Auction Acres: 
General Merchandise:  33% (antiques, collectibles, household, firearms, tools, riding mowers, implements, more)
Titled Vehicles: 12.5% with a $75 minimum and a $35 entry fee per vehicle, must be in running condition and title must be in sellers name.
   Titled vessels & trailer combinations: 15% with a $75 minimum and a $35 entry fee per unit.
MUST be in running condition with no issues.
   Heavy equipment in good working order including full size farm tractors: 15%

For auctions conducted at your site (home or business)
We work on a very competitive commission basis. Give us a call to come look at your auction. We will do so at no obligation to you.
We serve the Kitsap Peninsula, Olympia Peninsula, Pierce County and lower South King County.

I have a vehicle to sell, what do I need to do?
   Our deadline for consignment vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, trailers, etc) is the Wednesday prior to the auction by 3:50 p.m. We need the vehicle along with a your current title, must be in the sellers name. The sooner you get the vehicle in the sooner it gets advertised. We are fully licensed and bonded as a Washington State auto dealer, as such we will transfer the title into the new purchasers name.
Note: If you have a Washington State title not in your name, you can quickly process it into your own name a local DOL. Ask them to do a TPO (title purposes only) transfer and a Quick Title. The cost is $42 for TPO and $50 for quick title. You also might want to pick up a 3-day move permit at the cost of $33 since you will not have plates or tabs.

Do you pick up items?
   Yes, within Kitsap County and parts of the Olympic Peninsula on a limited basis . Our average fee is $300* for two of our full time employees and our 16 ft. cube van to pick up items (per trip).  We are experienced merchandise handlers and are prepared to come to your home, load the entire contents of marketable items and bring them back to our location. We ask that small items be pre-boxed and any items be unattached to walls, etc.  If totes are used for packing, they will  not be returned.
Note: we have a very limited availability for this service, call early to schedule. The first step is to email photos or schedule an appointment for an auctioneer to stop by.

*We are not prepared to haul large heavy items down unusual fights of stairs, off balcony's, fire escapes, etc.  If we arrive at a home with any of these unusual circumstances there may be an addition fee depending on the time it takes our crew to load the items.

I have an entire house full (personal or estate) or business I need to liquidate what can you do for me?
Please call our office and give us details of what you have.  An appointment can be made for one of our auctioneers, at no obligation, to visit your site for a physical inspection of the items to determine the best way to proceed with the auction.  (Kitsap, Pierce, Jefferson, Clallam counties).
   We begin by analyzing your needs and help you decide if an auction is appropriate and whether the auction would be best conducted on-site or moved to our location. Costs to the seller for auctioneering services will be determined at this initial meeting.
At on-site auctions we can typically sell everything in one day.  We take an inventory, advertise, set-up the items for display, conduct a preview, sell the merchandise at auction and record the sales. The seller will recieve a complete sales print out and a check for the net amount within a week.

Holding an on-site auction depends on quantity and quality of merchandise, the location, parking, weather, toilets and other aspects of the site. We would be happy to determine what would work best for you. We are fully equipped with our mobile office, folding chairs, tables, portable sound & clerking systems, etc.  In cases where the sellers do not have enough merchandise to warrant their own auction, our location Stokes Auction Acres, has plenty of parking space, seating indoors, restrooms and more.  

Do you sell with reserves? 
No, but there could be an exception for equipment and vehicles sold for the Bankruptcy court when there is a small lien to be covered.
We believe that well advertised items will fetch what they are truly worth in today's market.  "Unreserved Auctions" bring serious buyers and fair market value.  Generally, this is the price that an item will fetch at a well-advertised auction. Factors that come into consideration are age, condition, quality and rarity.  
   Also, please note, it is illegal for the owner or their agent to bid on their own merchandise in order to illegally raise the bid price.

Do you charge a Buyers Premium? 
    We charge a 10% buyers premium on all merchandise and a flat $150 buyers premium / document fee on all titled vehicles.

Do you purchase outright? 
    Yes we have the means to purchase any size estate.  However, we think it is in your best interest to consign and allow the market to determine the sale price for you. Stokes Auction feels very strongly that consigning to the auction is usually your better choice and will produce the best return for you. We have built our reputation on honesty and integrity. If we purchase your items outright we expect to make a profit from the money that we invested.  Let us do the job right for you.

What happens after Stokes Auction sells my items? 
Usually, within five to seven days after your auction you will receive a complete, itemized computerized printout of all items sold including lot numbers, descriptions, individual prices, itemized expenses including commission charged and the net total along with a check from Stokes Auction. 

Need a Fair Market Value Appraisal for an estate in probate?   
    Our estimated Fair Market Values are based on what we have sold like items for in the recent past, through our Auction business.  This estimate is what we feel the property will sell for - if all is sold in one day at Public Auction.  FMV appraisals are used for estate purposes and is a fee based service.

Are there any items you will not take to sell?
   List of Items we Do NOT take - this list is always changing and depends on the current market and economy trends.
Abandoned or Unclaimed storage unit items purchased at another auction or otherwise
ANY store, shop, garage, estate or yard sale leftovers

Baby items: including but not limited too Cribs, strollers, high chairs, car seats
Books - no paperbacks or hard back novels (quality antique, leather bound and hardbound classic sets ok)
Bowling balls

Car & bike parts (they are too specialized and hard to sell)

Used Clothes & display racks , Shoes

Dated furniture - 80's, 90's and early 2000; manufactured wood; light oak and dark colored and heavy pieces, large floral prints

Desks - large wood, metal or particle board including roll top desks

Distressed items including Furniture / appliances / Household items / other
Entertainment Centers

Exercise equipment - we accept limited items that are newer & electronic

Ironing boards & drying racks

No particle board (engineered or manufactured wood) furniture

NO Remodel pull outs (doors; windows; fixtures) Kitchen cabinets may be accepted on a case by case basis depending on quality

Non-running vehicles or those with safety issues (call and ask if you have questions)

Non-working or damaged TVs, VCRs, stereos & other electronics ,

Office machines or equipment such as copiers, mimeograph, etc

Oil heaters

Old snow skis, old water skis (true antique skis are ok)

Old suitcases that are not antique or collectible 30s and older in good shape

Old vacuums

Older Computers, we accept only those that are complete with LCD screens

Older or colored appliances (we will generally take working appliances 7 years old or newer)

Older or stained beds / mattresses / box springs


Other items deemed un-sellable by our crew - see above

Paperback books


Pure "Box lot" loads only  will NOT be accepted - Absolutely NO Estate or Garage Sale leftovers

Soiled or damaged furniture, includes that covered with pet hair

Storage unit stuff-Garage sale-Estate sale-Tag sale-etc, left over's (if you can't sell it, neither can we)

Truck Bed liners or Canopies

Tube TV's, console stereos, console TV's

TV trays tin


Water beds & frames